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Sometimes people write about tweak development outside of the iPhoneDevWiki - weird. But that's still great, so here are links to blogs that have interesting articles to read.

It would be nice for somebody to set up a "planet" blog aggregator for these blogs. See Planet Mozilla for an example of this kind of aggregator. If you make that, link it here!

See also: Getting Started#Some guides on other sites

Extension (tweak) developers

Links to posts that might be interesting (as of August 2014).

Currently Active Links

  • bensge - developer of tweaks including auki, Velox, ayra and WiPi.
  • chpwn - developer of tweaks including Zephyr, Infinidock, and Gridlock.
  • insanj - developer of tweaks including Circlet, Dated, Orangered, SleepyAlarm, and Snooze.
  • sharedInstance - group blog including Aehmlo, Bensge, CoolStar, FTO, Idhanta, and kirb.
  • Tweak Demos and Instructions

Archived (via The Wayback Machine)

The links below are no longer "live", or redirect to trojans or advertisements, but thanks to, you can view the previous versions of the page below.

  • bd452 - developer of tweaks including ByPass, QuickYo, LockIt, and TapTapPass.
  • eswick - developer of tweaks including OS Experience.
  • theiostream - developer of tweaks including Caffeine 2 and SearchCommands.

Jailbreak developers


  • Satori - Random bloggery of anything iOS related