Updating extensions for iOS 15/16

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Developing tweaks for the palera1n tethered iOS 15.x JB

This jailbreak is primarily a developer jailbreak and has certain restrictions.

Procursus: New Signing Requirements

iOS 15.0+ requires DER encoding of the entitlements, as such it is required that all tweaks are signed with an updated ldid. iOS 15.1+ adds a requirement on hash agility, added in ldid version 2.1.5-procursus3 which can be found here.

Low Power Mode

iOS 15.0+ introduced a new framework for handling Low Power Mode called LowPowerMode.framework. Toggling Low Power Mode can be done via the _PMLowPowerMode class.

@interface _PMLowPowerMode : NSObject
+ (instancetype)sharedInstance;
- (NSInteger)getPowerMode; // 1 == Low Power Mode active
- (void)setPowerMode:(NSInteger)powerMode fromSource:(id)source; // Source == @"SpringBoard"

%hook ClassName
- (void)toggleLowPower {
    _PMLowPowerMode *lowPowerMode = [%c(_PMLowPowerMode) sharedInstance];
    BOOL active = [lowPowerMode getPowerMode] == 1;
    // BOOL active == [NSProcessInfo processInfo].lowPowerModeEnabled; // alternatively
    [lowPowerMode setPowerMode:!active fromSource:@"SpringBoard"];

Wallpaper UI

with iOS 16, Wallpaper UI has been moved to a separate process.

If you are in SpringBoard and need a snapshot of the current wallpaper, you can do

    UIGraphicsBeginImageContext([myPBUIPosterViewController view].frame.size);
    [[myPBUIPosterViewController view].layer renderInContext:UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext()];
    UIImage *viewImage = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext();

where PBUIPosterViewController is the PBUIPosterViewController instance.

Framework Changes


Concept: GridSizeClass

A GridSizeClass refers to the size widgets take up, in units of rows/cols.

They are essentially the different options you see when selecting a widget size while adding one (i.e. "small", "medium", etc.)

SBHIconGridSizeClassIconImageInfos (iOS 16)

Added with iOS 16, this struct contains 5 fields, each holding a SBIconImageInfo corresponding to image info for a given grid size class.

typedef struct SBHIconGridSizeClassIconImageInfos {
    SBIconImageInfo icon;
    SBIconImageInfo small;
    SBIconImageInfo medium;
    SBIconImageInfo large;
    SBIconImageInfo newsLargeTall;
    SBIconImageInfo extraLarge;
} SBHIconGridSizeClassIconImageInfos;

SBHIconGridSizeClassSizes (iOS 15)

This struct holds icon grid constraints. It was introduced with iOS 14 for the sake of supporting different layout widths for multi-icon-spanning views.

typedef struct SBHIconGridSizeClassSizes {
    SBHIconGridSize small;
    SBHIconGridSize medium;
    SBHIconGridSize large;
    SBHIconGridSize extraLarge;
} SBHIconGridSizeClassSizes;
Minor modification to appearance in method signatures

SBHIconGridSizeClassSizes in all arguments of methods and functions is now passed via pointer, instead of being passed as a raw struct.

You can write code that supports both versions like so:

@interface SBIconListGridLayoutConfiguration : NSObject

@interface i15SBIconListGridLayoutConfiguration : NSObject
-(void)setIconGridSizeClassSizes:(SBHIconGridSizeClassSizes *)sizes;


SBHIconGridSizeClassSizes sizes = { .small = { .columns = (short)widgetWidth(2, loadoutValueColumns), .rows = 2 },
                                    .medium = { .columns = (short)widgetWidth(4, loadoutValueColumns), .rows = 2 },
                                    .large = { .columns = (short)widgetWidth(4, loadoutValueColumns), .rows = 6 },
                                    .extralarge = { .columns = (short)widgetWidth(4, loadoutValueColumns), .rows = 6 } };

if (@available(iOS 15, *))
    // Cast to the iOS 15 Interface so ARC allows us to compile this
    // I need to double-check whether this actually needs to be allocated or whether passing it a stack pointer works fine.
    [(i15SBIconListGridLayoutConfiguration *)config setIconGridSizeClassSizes:&sizes];
    [config setIconGridSizeClassSizes:sizes];