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how possible is allowing code to bypass the restrictions of the sandbox?

hey also, how do you get around security policy errors that pop-up from having a hacked debugserver

ps i like the Also suppose you already have the iPhone SDK, and you already have the patched debugserver at ~

did you use the patch on the mobile uploader?? hmm have i published that yet...?

anyway, if your interested in persuing debugserver drop me an email (you can get my address from the google code page iphone-debugserver)


  • Welcome. It is not possible to bypass the sandbox since it's implemented in the kernel. Also, I debug by (1) SSH into the iPhoneOS and launch my custom debugserver there (2) gdb remote into the iPhoneOS directly, and no Xcode is involved, so probably this won't help you. KennyTM~ 18:15, 18 January 2010 (UTC) (P.S. sign with 4 tildes)