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The Current Profile Picture of iSnow on Reddit


iSn0w is a 15 Year old Security researcher which aims on iOS Hacking and other Hacking stuff. He is interested into reverse engineering. he told a redditor; "Finding offsets in the Kernelcache can make sooo much fun !" . That means that he likes to find iOS offsets, when he has nothing else to do. He also posted some things on Reddit, related to a Fully custom Operating system for arm64 and armv7 devices made by him !


He made certain exploits which aim at getting read and write access to the root file system.


Thru his recent reddit activity and his Website, we an assume that he is familiar with the following coding/Programming languages :
- C - C++ (Basics) - Objective C - C# (Basics)
- Java (Basics)
- Applescript (Basics)
- ROP - Assembly
- Python
- PHP (Basics) - HTML - JavaScript - CSS



He worked on the iOS 11.1.X Jailbreak which could be seen as a good alternative to coolstars electra ! He also worked on a Cydia repo maker which is made for already jailbroken devices to make the process of creating a whole repo a lot easier ! ( iCreator )


iCreator is the most responsive Cydia Repo creator out there at the current point !