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AVFlashlight is a private class introduced in iOS 7 for turning the device's LED flash on or off. The example application that use this class is Control Center in SpringBoard.


Signature +(BOOL)hasFlashlight;
Available in 7.0 —

The method +[AVFlashlight hasFlashlight] indicates the LED flash availability.

Signature -(BOOL)setFlashlightLevel:(float)level withError:(NSError *)error;
Available in 7.0 —

The method -[AVFlashlight setFlashlightLevel:withError:] is used for setting the flashlight level.

Example usage:

AVFlashlight *flashlight;


// Make sure you don't have any others AVFlashlight object instantiated
flashlight = [[AVFlashlight alloc] init];
[flashlight setFlashlightLevel:AVCaptureMaxAvailableTorchLevel withError:nil];


// Do this when you want to turn power/light off the LED flash
[flashlight release];