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So you built your first tweak, and you're ready to release it on a default repository. Here's some help for the next big step of actually releasing it.

Advice about handling support

Write stuff here!

Marketing advice

You can encourage many more people to download (and buy!) your tweak if you put some effort into marketing.

This section includes a lot of advice based on Sebastien Page's great talk from JailbreakCon 2014 - you can watch it for more explanation. He's the main editor of iDownloadBlog, so he knows what he's talking about.

How to name your tweak

There are two main ways to name a tweak:

  • A descriptive name, like MailUnlimitedPhotos - these work best for simple tweaks.
  • A brandable name, like Zephyr - these work best for big tweaks that are here to stay.

When naming a tweak, make sure the name is easy to spell so people can find it when searching Cydia. Also, before you release it, search Cydia make sure a similarly named tweak doesn't exist yet.

How to write a short description

This short description displays on Cydia's "Changes" page under the name of your tweak. It means you have to make a good impression in 39 characters or less! You should use this field to accurately and simply describe the tweak. Use important keywords because these words are used in Cydia's search feature.

Be clear and concise. Saying your tweak is the "best" or "greatest" in your short description is usually a waste of your precious few characters, since everyone thinks their tweak is the best - instead, it's helpful to use this space to provide an accurate summary of what the tweak does, so people know whether they should tap to find out more.

How to write a long description

The information that a great tweak description page should have:

  • Give an accurate and clear description of the tweak
  • Explain what the tweak does
  • Explain why people might need it
  • Explain how to use it
  • Confirm device compatibility
  • Add screenshots
  • Add a YouTube video if possible
  • Add a changelog, and update it when you release updates

It's also great to link to reviews of your tweak on blogs. Remember that you can email your repository manager to update the description without necessarily having an updated package as well.

Good examples: Auxo 2 and Pluck 2.

How to price your tweak

Cydia is flexible when it comes to pricing - ask your repository manager for help if you want to set up temporary discounts or a different kind of pricing scheme.

Use discounts as a marketing tool ("if you bought my previous tweak, get my new one at a discount"). Auxo 2 is again a great example.

How to get the word out

Reaching out to blogs is great!

Make a list of jailbreak bloggers and learn about their tweak preferences. Connect with them and explain why you think they will like your tweak. Send pre-release versions of the tweak so bloggers can have a look at it first. Gift the tweak to the blogger via Cydia if it's not free. If the reviewer liked your tweak, keep them posted about future updates - they might want to post again if you do a major update.

Monitor the comment section to collect feedback and answer questions.

How not to reach out to blogs: don't be a stalker, and don't send 47 emails or tweets. Be open to criticism, and don't be sour if a blog doesn't cover your tweak.