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BKSProcessAssertion is a class introduced in iOS 6, implemented in BackBoardServices.framework (before iOS 8) or AssertionServices.framework (iOS 8). As described by Adam Bell, "This class allows you to give a certain application permissions to stay alive and not be killed by watchdog."


Signature +(NSString*)NameForReason:(NSUInteger)reason;
Available in 6.0–
Reason Result Availability
iOS 6.x iOS 7.x iOS 8.x
0 @"none" Yes
1 @"audio" Yes
2 @"location" Yes
3 @"external-accessory" Yes
4 @"finishTask" Yes
5 @"bluetooth" Yes
6 @"networkAuthentication" Yes
7 @"backgroundUI" Yes
8 @"interAppAudioStreaming" Yes
9 @"viewServices" Yes
10 @"newsstandDownload" Yes
11 @"backgroundDownload" Yes
12 @"voIP" No Yes
13 @"extension" No Yes
14 @"continuityStreams" No Yes
Other (15-9999) @"Unknown" Yes
10000 @"activation" Yes
10001 @"suspend" Yes
10002 @"transientWakeup" Yes
10003 @"voip" Yes No
@"periodicTask" No Yes
10004 @"finishTaskUnbounded" Yes
10005 @"continuous" Yes
10006 @"backgroundContentFetching" Yes
10007 @"notificationAction" No Yes
Other (10008-49999) @"Unknown" Yes
50000 @"finishTaskAfterBackgroundContentFetching" No Yes
50001 @"finishTaskAfterBackgroundDownload" No Yes
50002 @"finishTaskAfterPeriodicTask" No Yes
50003 @"finishTaskAfterNotificationAction" No Yes
Other (50004+) @"Unknown" Yes

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