Best Practices

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Use the following guidelines to avoid your package or app being fragile or breaking at the slightest gust of wind, and to increase the chances of it being accepted by a community host.

Applications and Tweaks

  • Avoid referring to /var/mobile directly - use NSHomeDirectory() if your code is running as mobile!
  • See MobileSubstrate Pitfalls for additional guidelines regarding tweaks.


  • Do not create mobile-owned files and/or directories in your package. Stay out of mobile's home directory!
    • All package files are installed as root, and hour app should create any required files or directories under mobile's home directory.
  • Do not use postinst/preinst/extrainst_ for file management purposes!
    • Do not store in the package directories that your app could make.
    • Do not enforce permissions that your package could (and arguably should) contain.