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Use the following guidelines to avoid your package or app being fragile and to increase the chances of it being accepted by a community host.

Applications and Tweaks

  • Avoid referring to /var/mobile directly - use NSHomeDirectory() if your code is running as mobile!
    • If your code is running as root, use extra caution when writing files that mobile can access - you might break the file's access permissions.
    • App Store apps will return their sandbox data path from NSHomeDirectory().
  • See MobileSubstrate Pitfalls for additional guidelines regarding tweaks.
  • You should consider the UDID deprecated like Apple has for some time, but if you need the device's UDID, use libMobileGestalt.dylib.
  • If you need to use singletons, see singleton pattern for advice.
  • If you need to respring from a tweak and you are targeting iOS 6 - 7, kill backboardd instead of SpringBoard. Killing SpringBoard has been known to cause some issues regarding the backlight. For iOS 8 and newer, if possible, use -[HBRespringController respring] from libcephei for a more appropriate way to respring. Simply killing the processes can destroy battery usage data (the feature since iOS 8) of the user.