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Cydia Package
Developer HASHBANG
Package ID ws.hbang.common
Latest Version 1.16

Cephei is a framework that provides various convenience methods.

How to use this framework

Headers are available from Cephei’s Github project and the framework can be found at /Library/Frameworks/Cephei.framework on a device where Cephei is installed. Theos includes the headers so you don’t have to worry about installing them!

Include directive

#import <Cephei/Cephei.h>


Add to your Makefile:

Cephei to the XXX_EXTRA_FRAMEWORKS variable.


Add to your package’s control file:

ws.hbang.common to the Depends field.

Getting a tweak’s preferences

The HBPreferences class allows for easy access to preferences. Note: Cephei does not allow you to access most Apple preferences (preferences that have their identifier starting with com.apple).

%ctor {
    // The identifier must be the preference identifier of the bundle wanted
    HBPreferences *preferences = [[HBPreferences alloc] initWithIdentifier:@"com.example.ExamaplePreference"];
    // Getting the value of a cell with the key of enabled
    BOOL enabled;
    // Returns the value set for the key, or default set in preferences if no value has been set. If no default, returns nil
    enabled = [preferences boolForKey:@"enabled"];
    // The register methods automatically update the variable that gets passed to them. If no preference has been set, the variable is set to the default passed
    [preferences registerBool:enabled default:YES forKey:@"enabled"];

In order to have the -registerObject:default:forKey methods to automatically update, a notification, set to the preference identifier with /ReloadPrefs appended, needs be posted.

<!-- Interesting preference cell -->

Converting hex color to UIColor

Cephei provides a method to easily convert CSS style hex color to UIColor.

UIColor *color = [UIColor hb_colorWithPropertyListValue:@"#ffa1aa"];

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