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Cydia Package
Developer Sakurina, chpwn, ashikase
Package ID com.chpwn.iconsupport
Latest Version 1.8.1-1

IconSupport is a library that helps icon-layout-modifying tweaks play nicely together.

Quoted from its depiction:

IconSupport is a package for use by extensions that modify how SpringBoard lays-out icons (such as extensions that change the number of icons shown per row/column).

Normally, syncing with iTunes or booting into Mobile Substrate's Safe Mode would cause these modified layouts to be reset; IconSupport prevents this.

IconSupport also handles repairing layouts when installing and uninstalling IconSupport-enabled extensions.

Quoted from the README of its source on GitHub:

Uses a unique ID for each combination of packages, so icon state is never lost via respring or uninstalling a new package.

Example usage (in the initializer function of your extension):

dlopen("/Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/IconSupport.dylib", RTLD_NOW); [[objc_getClass("ISIconSupport") sharedInstance] addExtension:@"theNameOfMyExtension"];