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The first step in developing for jailbroken devices (this includes MobileSubstrate extensions, or "tweaks") is understanding the commonly-used development tools.

Theos: Build System

Not to be confused with a toolchain or SDK, Theos helps create and manage projects. Theos:

  • Creates new empty projects based on templates (see NIC, below)
  • Handles Makefiles for your build environment
  • Automates packaging (to .deb) and installation

NIC (New Instance Creator)

The New Instance Creator is a script, included with Theos, that creates empty projects for you to use as starting points for your development.

An example of how NIC is used can be found here.


Logos is a preprocessor that aids in MobileSubstrate extension development. It allows you to define hooks with a clear, readable syntax.


Unlike the tools listed above, Logify isn't a tool you would use throughout a project's life cycle. Logify accepts a class header and generates a MobileSubstrate extension which hooks all of that class's methods, printing log messages when they are called. This helps a hook developer see when certain methods are invoked during use.