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LSApplicationProxy is an object that provides information about App Store applications via a proxy.

Using LSApplicationProxy in your project

Add MobileCoreServices to your Makefile

Tweak_PRIVATE_FRAMEWORKS = MobileCoreServices


@interface LSApplicationProxy : NSObject
+ (id)applicationProxyForIdentifier:(id)arg1;
- (NSString *)localizedNameForContext:(id)arg1; // iOS 11+
- (NSString *)localizedName; // iOS 5-10
- (NSURL *)bundleURL;
- (NSURL *)containerURL;
- (NSString *)bundleExecutable;
- (NSString *)bundleIdentifier;
- (NSString *)vendorName;
- (NSString *)teamID;
- (NSString *)applicationType;
- (NSSet *)claimedURLSchemes;
- (BOOL)isDeletable;

Creating an application proxy

LSApplicationProxy *proxy = [LSApplicationProxy applicationProxyForIdentifier:bundleIdentifier];
NSString *genre = [proxy genre];

Getting display name for an application proxy

// iOS 11+
NSString *name = [proxy localizedNameForContext:nil];

// iOS 5-10
NSString *name = [proxy localizedName];