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ldid is a tool made by saurik for modifying a binary's entitlements easily. ldid also generates SHA1 hashes for the binary signature, so the iPhone kernel executes the binary. The package name in Cydia is "Link Identity Editor", hosted by the Cydia/Telesphoreo repository.


ldid -e <binary> dumps the binary's entitlements.

ldid -Sent.xml <binary> sets the binary's entitlements, where ent.xml is the path to an entitlements file.

ldid -S <binary> pseudo-signs a binary with no entitlements.

For example, if you wanted to add the entitlements in a file on your desktop named Entitlements.xml to debugserver in your current directory, you would run:

ldid -S/Users/you/Desktop/Entitlements.xml ./debugserver


Via Brew or Fink, or from source:

git clone git://git.saurik.com/ldid.git
cd ldid
git submodule update --init
cp -f ./ldid $THEOS/bin/ldid


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