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(link to my Bluetooth info)
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* '''Development''':
* '''Development''':
** [[Xcode#Developing_without_Provisioning_Profile|Bypass Provisioning Profile]] • [[debugserver|Remote debugging]]  
** [[Xcode#Developing_without_Provisioning_Profile|Bypass Provisioning Profile]] • [[debugserver|Remote debugging]]  
* '''Hardware''':
** [http://code.google.com/p/btstack/wiki/iPhoneBluetooth Bluetooth]
<!-- {{Navbox Frameworks}}
<!-- {{Navbox Frameworks}}

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About this wiki

The sum of all human[1] knowledge about iPhone Development.

Ideas on what to add to this wiki

  • Information regarding usage of iPhone OS Frameworks, both public and private, SpringBoard, system daemons (for hooking and hacking), and classes in applications included with the system
  • Information about third-party libraries or extensions for developers (PreferenceLoader, libhide, etc.)
  • Questions about development (to be answered by others; please keep questions in talk pages.)
  • Links to useful information
  • Links to open-source projects

Why another wiki?

The iPhone Wiki seems to be more user-oriented, and this wiki specifically targets development.

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  1. We'll make an exception for lawyers; they may submit too. Cf. http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Frequently_Asked_Questions#How_does_a_Creative_Commons_license_operate.3F: "Creative Commons licenses are expressed in three different formats: the Commons Deed (human-readable code), the Legal Code (lawyer-readable code); and the metadata (machine readable code)."