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Preference Bundles are bundles for extending the Settings application.

Structure of a Preference Bundle

Preference bundles should have an extension of .bundle. The principle class of the bundle should be a subclass of PSListController. Most of the time there are lots of preference specifier plists which defines a page of setting. If a specifier plist is called spec.plist, there should be a corresponding localization file called spec.strings. The bundle can have a 29×29 icon, with a preferred name of icon.png.

Adding a Preference Bundle

To add a preference bundle foo.bundle to the front page of the Settings application, save this as a plist in /Library/PreferenceLoader/Preferences/:

entry = {
  bundle = foo;
  cell = PSLinkCell;
  icon = icon.png;
  isController = 1;
  label = "Description of the setting";


Displaying a value with PSTitleValueCell like Preferences -> General -> About Add the cell to your plist:

           cell = PSTitleValueCell;
           get = "valueForSpecifier:";
           label = Version;

Add the getter method to your controller:

- (NSString *) valueForSpecifier: (PSSpecifier *) specifier {

	return @"1.0";