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  • apply a sandbox to restrict what your app can do, esp. for setuid apps, in case a vulnerability is found (well maybe not needed for iPhoneOS...). The There are 5 [ documented
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  • ...performance. The original files are redundant and thus eliminated from the system. ...ry/Frameworks</tt> or <tt>/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks</tt> (or other directories) and can't, this is why.
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  • ...machine readable code)."</ref> knowledge about jailbroken iOS development. In other words, this is a collection of documentation written by developers to * Information about using iOS frameworks, system daemons (for hooking and hacking), and other iOS internals.
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  • * A project templating system ([[NIC]]), which creates ready-to-build empty projects for varying purposes ...n by GNU Make, capable of directly creating .deb packages for distribution in Cydia
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  • [[Frameworks]] are bundles that contain a linkable library (usually a dylib) and the associated resources and headers for development. ...nd in <tt>/System/Library/Frameworks</tt>, and private ones in <tt>/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks</tt>. Other than this artificial division, there are no d
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  •|Settings]] application is loaded, entries are read from plists in <tt>/Library/PreferenceLoader/Preferences/</tt> and are dynamically added to the list be version 1.2 and later</ref><ref>Bundles can also be loaded from /System/Library/PreferenceBundles/, but this is no longer the preferred method as of Prefer
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  • ...application. Developers can build their own bundles and place them in <tt>/Library/PreferenceBundles/</tt> for others to use. It is very common to load preferences in the constructor (<code>%ctor</code>) of your tweak.
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  • ...en extensions. To accomplish this, the hooks of the activation methods are in one centralized Substrate plugin, which uses small bundles and preference p == How to use this library ==
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  • '''RocketBootstrap''' is a library that solves a denied lookup error of [[IPC]] services on iOS 7 and above<re ...that can either receive or send messages. There is a central registration system for these ports called bootstrap, where ports can be registered and accesse
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  • '''libflipswitch''' is a library used to implement a centralized toggle system. Flipswitch switches (or toggles) can be used as extensions of existing twe == How to use this library ==
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  • ...y developers to provide run-time patches (“Cydia Substrate extensions”) to system functions, similar to [ MobileHooker is used to replace system functions. This process is known as hooking. There are 2 APIs that one woul
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  • '''Internet Plug-Ins''' is a directory in <tt>/System/Library/</tt> and <tt>/Library/</tt> that contains plug-ins for WebKit. As of iOS 6 and 7, the only defaul == Structure of an Internet Plug-In ==
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  • ...wn for iOS 9) search bundles (domains), all of which are occupied by built-in ones. [[SearchLoader]] is a developer library for adding more search bundles.
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  • ...tween iOS version updates, but many of the interesting features of iOS are in the private frameworks. They are more likely to change between iOS versions Attempting to use private frameworks in an App Store app will result in rejection of that application.
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  • ...screen bundles have been supported starting in 2.1, and ZoomTouch starting in 3.0. See [ TheiPhoneWiki] for a list of plugins.
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  • ...ServicesPlugIns]] folder as of iOS 6. Little is known what is stored there in other iOS versions. ...ced]] daemon references this path but it does not seem to load the plugins in the PlugIns subdirectory.
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  • ...dle</tt>. The principle class must be a subclass of [[PLPublishingAgent]] (in [[PhotoLibrary.framework]]). {{navbox Library}}
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  • ...ackground processes. These programs may have a long life cycle. They exist in a paradigm different from tweaks: they can exist by themselves and do not h hardware), [[launchd]] (handles other daemons), [[lockdownd]] (provides system information), [[notifyd]] (exchanges Darwin notifications), and [[wifid]] (
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