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Private Framework
Availabile 2.1 – present
Class Prefix SB
Headers [headers.cynder.me]

SpringBoardUI is a framework that provides classes to deal with UI Elements in SpringBoard. One commonly used Class is SBAwayViewPluginController, which empowers the SpringBoardPlugins.


Back in iOS 3.0 it only contained one class: SBAwayViewPluginController as described above.

In iOS 5 SBAlertItem has been introduced which is used to display UIAlertViews on SpringBoard. (Battery Notification Alerts, Sim Unlock Alert, and so on).

With the release of iOS 6 several classes regarding the LockScreen have been added such as SBDeviceLockEntryField. Moreover classes managing Notification Banners have been added.

The redesign of iOS 7 caused some more Classes in the SpringBoardUI framework dealing with Control Center: SBUIControlCenterButton and more.

In iOS 8 SpringBoardUI was cleaned up by removing the LockScreen related Classes. Some Plugin classes were added as well.