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UIDevice is a singleton class that provides access to some properties of the current device.

As a client to liblockdown

Many important properties can be accessed via liblockdown. This can be used to bypass higher-level spoofing hacks. One has to use the liblockdown functions in MobileSubstrate initializers because UIKit was not ready at that time.

UIDevice property liblockdown key
model kLockdownDeviceClassKey
localizedModel kLockdownDeviceClassKey
uniqueIdentifier kLockdownUniqueDeviceIDKey
buildVersion kLockdownBuildVersionKey
systemVersion kLockdownProductVersionKey
name kLockdownDeviceNameKey

iPad mode (Wild cat)

Signature @property(assign,nonatomic) BOOL isWildcat;
Available in 3.2 —

iPad has a drastically different user interface than iPhone/iPod Touch, but all three share the same OS. In UIKit and SpringBoard, this property is heavily used to determine which behavior should be used.

Wild cat is the codename of iPad.