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Cydia Package
Developer HASHBANG
Package ID ws.hbang.common
Latest Version 1.16

CepheiPrefs is a framework that provides preference related convenience methods.

How to use this framework

Headers are available from Cephei’s Github project and the framework can be found at /Library/Frameworks/Cephei.framework on a device where Cephei is installed. Theos and Dragon both include the headers so you don’t have to worry about installing them!

Include directive

#import <CepheiPrefs/CepheiPrefs.h>


Add to your preference bundle Makefile: CepheiPrefs to the XXX_EXTRA_FRAMEWORKS variable.


Add to your DragonMake file: CepheiPrefs to the frameworks in the preferences module.


Add to your package’s control file: ws.hbang.common to the Depends field.

Getting preferences to work with Cephei

In order to use CepheiPrefs features you need to subclass HBRootListController for the root controller or HBListController

@interface XXXRootPreference : HBRootListController

@implementation XXXRootPreference
    // Any normal preference actions here

Changing a pane’s appearance

The HBAppearanceSettings class provides methods to change the appearance of a preference pane from colors to changing status bar style

@implementation XXXRootPreference
- (instancetype)init {
    self = [super init];

    if (self) {
        HBAppearanceSettings *appearanceSettings = [[HBAppearanceSettings alloc] init];
        appearanceSettings.tintColor = [UIColor blackColor];
        // Applying
        self.hb_appearanceSettings = appearanceSettings;

    return self;

Using custom preference cells

CepheiPrefs also provides custom preference cells, to use them, put them in a preference plist that subclasses HBRootListController or HBListController

Image cell

Display an image in a cell.



Displays a button when tapped, goes to the URL. Can be used with or without any cell type but setting to PSButtonCell applies a tint to it.

    <string>iPhone Dev Wiki</string>


Displays a package cell with icon and name and when tapped, opens package in Cydia.

    <!-- If package is not in a default repo, include this -->


Displays a cell with name and Twitter avatar.


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