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PSSpecifier represents a user-facing setting or actionable item in the Preferences framework. Specifiers are typically loaded from dictionary representations, but can be created at runtime with +[PSSpecifier preferenceSpecifierNamed:target:set:get:detail:cell:edit:]; they are often used in conjunction with a PSListController, which contains logic for rendering them into a table.

Preference specifiers have properties as documented at Preferences specifier plist. Each specifier is given a type and may contain a default value (used for display purposes only), a preferences domain, a preferences key, and selectors to invoke for various actions.



Custom Height

On your PSListController subclass, to change the size of the cell override

- (CGFloat)preferencesTable:(UIPreferencesTable *)table heightForRow:(NSInteger)row inGroup:(NSInteger)group withProposedHeight:(CGFloat)proposedHeight;

Call setUserInfo on the specifier to set the inner text view height:

[specifier setUserInfo:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:180] forKey:@"height"]];