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"Should it only be JB projects?"

To answer this curious editor's question:

The iPhone Dev Wiki is mostly jailbreak oriented, but there isn't anything that specifically says that only jailbreak-related things can be documented in this wiki.

That being said, The iPhone Dev Wiki itself states that it is "The sum of all human knowledge about jailbroken iOS development," so I think we should still stick with only listing jailbroken FOSS projects.

...That, and the fact that there are very little FOSS iOS apps (and the ones that exist are essentially dead)

Karen Tsai (angelXwind) (talk) 02:22, 21 August 2013 (PDT)

Updated (as of 'Date')

Given the size of the list I'm questioning the wisdom of having every item in the list using a delta timestamp. Every month, as most dates are accurate to the month, every Item will need to have it's delta updated. If we switch now to using absolute dates then we only need the single switch now and then only a single project when one is updated?

iKy1e (talk) 22:23, 28 August GMT

  • Oh yes, switching to absolute dates makes sense! I just lazily started it with relative dates since that was easy to copy-and-paste from GitHub. Britta (talk) 15:13, 28 August 2013 (PDT)


Do we really want a short description of each package? I can see the theoretical use but each projects link should have a readme detailing the product properly and it makes it looks slightly cluttered? I'd vote no to descriptions, or if everyone else disagrees then at-least moving them the last updated along so it is still the right most column.

iKy1e (talk) 23:50, 30 August GMT

I was thinking that short descriptions could be helpful to new developers looking for projects related to what they want to develop, since project names aren't always informative, and a lot of the projects don't include READMEs. And it's a long list, so clicking each project to find out more could get tiring. :) I put the descriptions last since they're less important and their width varies more than the other columns, but moving them around is fine with me too. Britta (talk) 16:02, 30 August 2013 (PDT)
Ok, I get the reasoning for putting them last, and I guess they would be useful to new developers (I just naturally repel too much information density). iKy1e (talk) 00:10, 31 August GMT

"Links" or "Uses Libraries" Section

"Where can I find examples of projects using <library name>? The docs are crap" is a very common request, and being able to direct people here and suggest a CTRL+F search for the library they're mentioning might be a very useful section to append if someone (;)) spent the time to append them to projects. Kritanta (talk) 23:02, 9 May 2020 (UTC)