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CPPhoneNumber is a set of utility functions in AppSupport for handling phone numbers.


Signature char *CPPhoneNumberCopyNormalized(char *);
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CPPhoneNumberCopyNormalized returns a normalized copy[1] of a phone number.

extern "C" char *CPPhoneNumberCopyNormalized(const char* number);

char *pn = CPPhoneNumberCopyNormalized("+1 (555) 555-5555");
printf("%s\n", pn); // 15555555555


Signature BOOL CPPhoneNumbersEqual(const char* number1,const char* number2, CFStringRef country);
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CPPhoneNumbersEqual compares two phone numbers. It will automatically normalize the number, and add an country code if the number does not contain one. It is extremely useful, if you have to compare an incoming call against an user supplied phone number.

You could compare two German phone numbers like this:

extern "C" CFStringRef CPPhoneNumberCopyHomeCountryCode();
extern "C" BOOL CPPhoneNumbersEqual(const char* number1, const char* number2, CFStringRef country);

BOOL equal = CPPhoneNumbersEqual("+49302270", "0302270", CPPhoneNumberCopyHomeCountryCode()); //should return YES, if you're phone is in Germany/using a german SIM Card


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