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CPRegularExpression is a wrapper around the POSIX regex.h library.

Example code

NSString* test = [NSString stringWithContentsOfFile:@"TestFile.txt"];
NSRange curRange = NSMakeRange(0, [test length]);

CPRegularExpression* re = [CPRegularExpression regularExpressionWithString:@"([-_[:alpha:]]+)=['\"]?([^'\">[:blank:]]*)['\"]?"];
NSUInteger subexprCount = [re numberOfSubexpressions];
NSRange subexprs[subexprCount];
while (1) {
	NSRange newRange = [re matchedRangeForString:test range:curRange subexpressionRanges:subexprs count:subexprCount];
	if (newRange.location == NSNotFound) {
	} else {
		NSLog(@"%@ -> %@", [test substringWithRange:subexprs[0]], [test substringWithRange:subexprs[1]]);
		// Changing the range alone is buggy.
		test = [test substringFromIndex:newRange.location + newRange.length];
		curRange.length = [test length];

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